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Welcome to my Practice

My Background

Liz Cloud, LPC

My name is Liz, and I am a Licensed Professional Counselor. I received my graduate education from Pacific University’s School of Professional Psychology. My experience ranges from community mental health and residential to outpatient and private practice settings. I feel privileged to have served the Portland community since 2009. ​


I engage in education and training in order to continue growing as a therapist. I participate in trainings with various organizations, including the Gestalt Therapy Training Center Northwest. I have trained with them since 2015. The majority of my training has been within the Gestalt Therapy and Buddhist-informed Gestalt Therapy frameworks. 

What I'm About

My approach to therapy is largely influenced by my training in Buddhist-informed Gestalt Therapy. This orientation to therapeutic work highlights a few key components: First, you use the skills you've learned to survive, and some of them may no longer serve their original purpose. You and I get to be curious observers in noticing what those strategies are for you. Second, as humans we engage in unnecessary suffering and there is a way through that suffering. We cannot force you to alter your experiences, but we can support you in being with and moving through pain. Finally, you are much more than a diagnoses or symptom, and you can expect to be seen by me as a whole person with a unique history and context, all that continue to inform how you see and make sense of yourself and your world.

I bring my authentic self to therapy, sharing warmth, humor, and curiosity.  Another value of mine is creativity, especially in learning what it is you need from the therapy process. I'm alongside you in being human and moving through struggle, and look forward to discovering how you've learned to cope so that we can help you feel more empowered and supported in experimenting with new ways of being.  I will support you to better recognize your patterns and you will start to feel stronger in navigating life's challenges.

I participate in my own individual and couples therapy, and find this to be paramount in my work with patients. I appreciate the importance of finding a therapist who is a good fit and who you can connect with. If you feel so inclined, please reach out and we can schedule a consultation to see if we would work well together. 

Let’s Get in Touch

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