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Liz Cloud, MA, LPC

Non-judgmental and Confidential
Individual, Relationship, and Group Therapy



About My Practice


Welcome to my practice. My name is Liz, and I am a Licensed Professional Counselor. I received my graduate education from Pacific University’s School of Professional Psychology. I have experience working in community mental health, residential, and outpatient settings, and I feel privileged to have served the Portland community since 2009. 

I currently work with adults, doing individual, relationship, and group therapy. My therapy style incorporates warmth and humor, as well as curiosity about what it's like to be you in the world. Using Gestalt therapy, I support you in better understanding your patterns and navigating life's challenges and losses in a way you feel good about. You and I are equal partners in discovering and practicing together how you can have a more fulfilled and enriched life.


I engage in continued education and training in order to continue growing as a therapist. I participate in trainings with various organizations, including the Gestalt Therapy Training Center Northwest. I have trained with them since 2015. 

How Therapy Can Help You

Therapy provides an opportunity to effectively address relationship difficulties, limiting stories and ideas, and challenging transitions. Some seeking therapy feel stuck in patterns that no longer serve their personal needs and goals, while others simply desire a more meaningful life. Often when the strategies that used to work for you no longer serve their purpose, you start to struggle and suffer. When we identify these patterns and you feel supported in trying something new, there is relief. 

​Benefits of therapy are plentiful, and include:

  • Identifying personal changes you would like to make

  • Coping with and navigating physical and emotional pain

  • Developing a stronger relationship with yourself and with others

  • Feeling more empowered and hopeful

  • Generating awareness around destructive patterns and replacing them with healthier ones

  • Identifying and satisfying your wants and needs

  • Learning to skillfully navigate difficult situations

  • Becoming more connected to your body

  • Living more genuinely and confidently

  • Addressing "unfinished business" 

  • Being supported in moving through grief and loss




I'm currently seeing patients only via telehealth

​Individual Therapy:

During your initial meeting you will be asked questions about your life story and past experiences in therapy; you only need to share what you feel comfortable disclosing. Throughout the following sessions we will continue getting to know each other and engaging in therapeutic work. Personal movement in therapy is wide-ranging, as everyone builds a different path toward becoming their best self. In regard to treatment length, some choose to engage in short-term therapy of less than a year, while others prefer to work with their therapist over the course of several years. 


Relationship Therapy:

Similar to individual therapy, your first couples session will involve sharing information about your relationship’s history, patterns you may be noticing in your relationship, and ways in which you would like to grow or change. The following two meetings are individual sessions, one for you and another for your partner. This is in order to build further understanding around each individual's relationship patterns, family and relationship history, and other important life factors. Later sessions with the couple involve development of emotional contact, communication skills, and new ways for both individuals to support each other. I use Emotion Focused Therapy and Nonviolent Communication techniques to support relationship growth and address relationship challenges. Course of treatment varies per couple. 


Group Therapy:

I am not currently offering any new groups. Please check the website in the future for potential group opportunities. 

Fees and Insurance

I offer individual, couples, and group therapy. Individual and couples sessions are typically 55 minutes in duration.

I am currently billing the following insurers:


Pacific Source


It is a good idea to call your insurance company to find out if they reimburse psychotherapy and if you have in-network or out-of-network benefits.


55 minute individual therapy session: $175

45 minute individual therapy session: $145

30 minute individual therapy session: $125

55 minute relationship (couples) therapy session: $175

90 minute group therapy session: $85


I'm happy to negotiate sliding-scale fees for those paying out-of-pocket.

503 427 8889

Portland, Oregon


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