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You and I are equal partners in helping you thrive. 

How Therapy Can Help You

Therapy provides an opportunity to effectively address relationship difficulties, limiting stories and ideas, and challenging transitions. Some seeking therapy feel stuck in patterns that no longer serve their personal needs and goals, while others simply desire a more meaningful life. Often when the strategies that used to work for you no longer serve their purpose, you start to struggle and suffer. When we identify these patterns and you feel supported in trying something new, there is relief. 

​Benefits of therapy are plentiful, and include:

  • Identifying personal changes you would like to make

  • Coping with and navigating physical and emotional pain

  • Developing a stronger relationship with yourself and with others

  • Feeling more empowered and hopeful

  • Generating awareness around destructive patterns and replacing them with healthier ones

  • Identifying and satisfying your wants and needs

  • Learning to skillfully navigate difficult situations

  • Becoming more connected to your body

  • Living more genuinely and confidently

  • Addressing "unfinished business" 

  • Being supported in moving through grief and loss


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